Consultation on purchasing real estate for investment

Based on our abundant know-how and the latest data on real estate investment, such as property requests and financial consultation, we support real estate investment strategies that suit your purposes, from property selection to operation management.



  • There are a wide variety of real estate companies today. There is no end to the list of condominium and building developers, companies that specialize in renting apartments and condominiums, companies that mediate houses and land, and companies that handle anything.

    IMK Co., Ltd. specializes in investment real estate (profitable condominiums). For investment real estate, advanced knowledge such as taxation, legal affairs, financing, rental management, etc. is indispensable. We will support your real estate management by consistently supporting the strategy of buying and selling, mediation, management and exit.

  • We will ask the customer's wishes during the interview in advance and introduce the property that suits the situation (annual income, financial assets, type / price of the property you want to purchase, asset formation target, etc.). For our customers, buying a property is a start, not a goal. What is important is the rental operation / management and goal (sale) after purchase.
    In addition, real estate management requires a lot of specialized knowledge such as tax saving measures, inheritance tax measures, various insurance measures for risk protection, and legal trouble measures. In order to prevent troubles and perform stable real estate management, we have prepared various support systems to meet the needs of customers after purchase.