Remodeling consultation

From repairs to remodeling (restoration work), renovation work and extension / renovation, we will help you with advice and optimal proposals tailored to your consultation.



  • I think that the target of residents will differ depending on the size, location, living environment, etc. of the room. We will propose reforms that the target people like, assuming to some extent whether it is for living alone, for families, and what age group it is. We can make optimal proposals based on our past achievements. It doesn't matter if you are thinking about vacancy measures, if you want to renovate a pre-owned condominium that you purchased for investment, or if you are an individual or a corporation. Please feel free to contact us.

  • We will clarify the line between remodeling (restoration work) and renovation work, and propose to customers according to the condition of the building. In addition, it is possible to grasp the situation of rental management and the environment around the building, which are completely different from each other, and propose optimal vacancy measures and renovations for each. In this way, we will fully support the remodeling of profitable properties for our customers, but we will not be at our convenience, and we will provide advice and suggestions from the customer's perspective.