Consultation on rental management

We will take care of the overall management and operation of condominiums and apartments on behalf of the owner, and will support a wide range of operations, from after-sales follow-up after moving in, contracts, renewals, maintenance, and remodeling after moving out.



  • In recent years, the rise in the vacancy rate of rental condominiums has become a serious problem due to the declining population. I think many people have vague anxieties about continuing rental management.
    At our company, we are not only helping and proposing customers who have such problems, but also actively taking vacancy measures such as attracting foreign residents.

  • Remodeling from the standpoint of the resident, rent transfer service, 24-hour trouble support. Owner-friendly management fees, tax return services, delinquency guarantee services, etc.
    By proposing safe and effective strategies to our customers, we will endeavor to be a good partner for our customers in our daily work.